Europe will again become Healthy

"Neues Europa"

Source:Germanische Leithefte, volume 1, issue 1, 1941

We humans live in a world in which all becoming, living, maturing and passing proceeds according to unbending, godly laws of nature. Subservient to them are the stars, heavens and earth, sea and stones, as well as the life of plants and animals.

Nobody in possession of his five faculties doubts that human life also runs according to the same laws. So, too, are the differences between humans determined by the laws of heredity.

In a healthy, naturally-feeling community, for example in peasant life, the sickly is prevented from procreating, and the healthy bonds itself again with the healthy. Only the big city life, estranged from nature, or economic considerations, unfortunately cause many a healthy person to enter marriage with a sickly one.

Then, however, nature avenges itself for the non-observance of its laws: the offspring can become…

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3 thoughts on “Europe will again become Healthy

  1. I lost computer and passwords of many accounts,despite that had many difficulties on real life,but I never abandoned struggle and loyalty to ideals of National Socialism! Dear comrade wach out jewish police agents and don’t trust no one! Even Evalion betrayed us all,and join ranks of jewish-bolsheviks. Please if you can make post about this betray – .- In that post add fate of Konstantin Rodzaevsky ( ),Fate of Walther Kurt von Seydlitz-Kurzbach- leader in the Soviet supervision of an anti-Nacional-Socialist organization, the League of German Officers and who was made a member of the National Committee for a ”Free” Germany,but after Hitler’s Germany defeat was put on trial for responsibility for ”actions” against Soviet POWs and the civilian population while in Wehrmacht service. In 1950, a Soviet tribunal sentenced him to 25 years’ imprisonment, but in 1955 he was released to West Germany… And one more time warn everyone that same fate waiting them if they will chose path of jewish bolshevism. Here I found old,but useful ”NS News Bulletin” in NSDAP/AO webside. Please share useful information- . Sieg heil!

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  2. In this cruel world into which two great
    wars have plunged us again, it is obvious that the only
    white peoples who have any chance of survival and
    prosperity are those who know how to suffer and who
    still retain the courage to fight, even when things are
    hopeless, to the death. And the only peoples who will
    have the right to claim these qualities will be those
    who have shown themselves capable of eradicating
    from their system the deadly poison of Jewry-


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