1. What is now happening in Europe now is of no surprise to me. I have been waiting for it for over fourty years after reading Hitlers last comments before the fall. I just hoped it wouldn’t be in my life time because it causes me so much angst.


  2. Yuck! We will see that shit soon in Argentina, as well. Yesterday, there was a great mobilization against benefits (like getting released earlier) for the military men who fought against the communist guerrillas in Argentina on the 70’s. People, thanks to the MASSIVE brainwashing techniques that have been applied to our poor population during the last 34 years (since the return of democratic governments) are now against everything that has something to do with the last military government! When in fact, the military men FOUGHT against the COMMUNIST GUERRILLAS that WERE ATTEMPTING to SEIZE POWER here in Argentina. Young people don’t know that, because the control that the reds have of the education programs here in Argentina is ABSOLUTE. I was myself repeating the same old lies about them until not so many years ago. Alongside with the old Hitler lies. Trust me when I tell you, those two lies are somewhat related. The tactics that they use to impose the lie of the 30.000 disappeared persons (in fact, is more about 8.000 terrorists jailed or dead) are the same that the jews use to impose the lie of the 6.000.000 million gassed as dogma. The only thing they lack it’s the chutzpah to make the questioning of said dogma a punishable offense as they do in Europe with the dogma of the 6.000.000 gassed kikes. Is not surprising, given that on the terrorists’ side there were a lot of jews fighting, as well.

    Ol’ Adolf would have called that piece of “art” Entarte Kunst (did I spell that well?) And he would have been right. Democracy doesn’t create good art.


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