3 thoughts on “Communism is Racist – Jewish

  1. Great link, a very informative article about the racial doctrine underlying communism. This article is a must read, it gives one all the basic information about the hidden history and mind control indoctrination concerning Zio-Globalism. The Reich Was Right!!!

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  2. The tools of the Freemasonry are, among others :

    -Communism or anarchism.
    -Peace movements.
    -LGBT movements.
    -Encyclopedia * (the famous Propaganda, war).
    -Policies of right and left; to divide and confront Western peoples.
    -Multicultarismo/e, etc.
    -Darwinism (see; liberal and Communist system).
    -Immigration to the West.
    -Drugs and politics of legalization.
    -Free pornography, against Western eroticism.

    The defense of Westerners that the Freemasonry (modern) fear and censorship :

    -Patriotism of the respective Western Nations, identity, and cultural tradition.
    -Research of history, especially the revisionism centered in the s. XX and XXI.
    -The reciprocity of all kinds of actions (i.e. rights and mutual obligations and protection of the historical, cultural and religious affairs), that do not apply, obviously because it is not convenient to non-Westerners.

    This is very important, to remember it. Thus, many Western people still suffering handling with the Zionist media Propaganda, mainly will be saved.


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