With all the controversy raging over health-care reform in the United States, we are pleased to present a plan far superior to anything currently being discussed,    a plan meeting all optimal criteria, one whose soundness was demonstrated through practical implementation in a very remarkable society.* It was simple, uncomplicated and straightforward, and one didn’t have to be a rocket scientist or Philadelphia lawyer to figure it out. As such, it serves today as a model for white people everywhere.

NO GERMAN UNDER HITLER had to worry about the expense of getting sick or injured. Under National-Socialism there was affordable, noninflationary, universal health care.

No weaseling, chiseling HMOs. No welching under the government of Adolf Hitler, which made the health and well-being of its citizens a top priority!

German hospitals offered the finest care and had the most modern equipment, surpassing that in the United States and other Western countries.

Patients could choose their own doctor or hospital, and even the poorest were assured full medical treatment.

They could stay up to one year in a hospital — with a special allowance of pocket money! If medical attention was required after that, one could stay on indefinitely, with all expenses being covered by public health funds.

How did it work?

The German health-care program under Hitler was run through something called the Allgemeine Ortskrankenkasse (AOK), which translates roughly as General Local Medical Account.

Unlike the US Social Security or Medicare programs, which are subject to the whims of irresponsible politicians, this was a dedicated program, financed by modest payroll deductions and underwritten by a sound, stable, debt-free economy.

When patients went to the hospital or to a doctor, there were no charges or pocket-book biopsies. They got in free — no questions asked, other than those pertaining to their particular medical condition.

For those opting for private coverage, there were any number of Ersatzkassen — supplementary accounts — from which one might choose. These offered a few additional features but did not cost much more than the basic AOK plan.

Under either the public or private plan, one could remain in the hospital for up to a year, with provision for longer stays as needed at no expense. No one was dumped out in the street or forced to lose the family home because he couldn’t pay his medical bill.

The “Nazi” program was so well managed and so popular, that it has been kept by the postwar German regime up to the present day — although, as one might expect in a liberal-capitalist society, with a few less benefits!

How was this model program possible? Well, first of all, as has been mentioned already, the health of the German people was given top priority and placed ahead of profit.

It is true that individuals should take personal responsibility for their own health, and not rely on government to rescue them from bad habits and physical neglect. And no country was more advanced in taking pro-active measures to encourage its citizens to adopt a healthy lifestyle and stay physically fit than Hitler’s Germany.

But even within a generally healthy population, there will be times when illness and accidents do occur, something which no responsible national community can overlook.

Secondly, under the National-Socialist system — unlike that of the American business model — no sanction was given to parasites or profiteers. Ambulance-chasing lawyers and the anti-social behavior of pharmaceutical and insurance companies in gouging the public with obscene prices and premiums — something perfectly acceptable under a regime of laissez-faire liberal capitalism, such as we have — was simply unheard of in Hitler’s Germany.

Thirdly, with tuition-free higher education in National-Socialist Germany, doctors had no need to charge exorbitant fees for their services — unlike their American counterparts, who see this as the only way to recoup the outlandish expense of medical college.

Fourthly, there was a cap on the cost of private insurance and medicines.

Finally, with both a public and private option, real competition was built into the system, no one had to worry about losing his or her health insurance, and everyone was happy.

Unfortunately, most Americans find something like this hard to conceive of. They are used to living in a mixed-up, interracial, dog-eat-dog society, in which it’s everyone for himself or herself. They tend to think of what is described here as Utopian, because they are unable to make the fundamental distinction between a system comprised of corrupt, prostitute politicians committed to alien interests and one dedicated to the greater good of white people and the true interests of the race.

They have no concept of what the German people meant, for example, when they used the term Volksgemeinschaft to describe their social ideal. What they were talking about, of course, was a true community of the people — the FOLK — whose members recognized themselves as part of something greater than their own petty selves, that indeed they bore an individual responsibility toward the greater whole.


A STRONG, HEALTHY RACE — A period poster offers help and support to the family.

No longer were they simply selfish egoists, concerned only with No. 1 and their own special interests and everyone doing his or her own “thing.” Now they were a part of a TEAM, bound to one another — like members of a larger family — caring for one another, helping one another, and together serving a greater, common purpose.

This, in fact, is how all white men and women should act and behave and relate to one another, and this is what we call — NATIONAL-SOCIALISM! And it is within the context of such a system, without profiteering parasites and those welfare minorities with which we are all familiar, that the Hitler government was able to show the world a model of first-class health care, one that was simply — AOK.  A STRONG, HEALTHY RACE — A period poster offers help and support to the family.

* For a good, summary description of National-Socialism as it was practiced and experienced in Hitler’s Germany, order your copy of The Good Society by Matt Koehl today, available for just $10 at the address shown here.

Source: The New Order

6 thoughts on “Hitlercare

  1. This is a must read article, to accept any other standard than this is to demonstrate how corrupt our governments and health care truly is. Of course, higher standards than those mentioned in this article are most readily welcomed. I leave this to you the reader, to figure out the implications and possibly the lies you may have uploaded from media, education, etc. as regards WW2 and Germany. The Reich Was Right!!!


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