The Common Man’s Music

"Neues Europa"



By Mike Walsh

A common fallacy is that classical music is too good for disadvantaged ethnic-Europeans. The misunderstanding is the opposite of the truth. Classical music is more working class than is any other musical genre.

The composition of classical music requires intellectual gifts that are quite foreign to the wealthy and pretentious elite. Is this the reason why parasitical self-servers adopt truly great music as their own? Perhaps the dilettante believes that hijacking and forming a defensive ring around real music will somehow elevate their social standing in the community?

There are exceptions to the rule but classical music has its roots deep in the pastures of Europe’s impoverished class. History’s greatest composers are said to be J. S. Bach, Ludwig van Beethoven and Johannes Brahms. Dubbed the Holy Trinity each of these men, whose music holds hundreds of millions in awe, were born into poverty.


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