Then & Now: Video of Adolf Hitler’s Berghof Offers a Stunning New Perspective


This mesmerizing 52-minute video takes you on a walking tour of the picturesque beautiful sites of Adolf Hitler’s mountain hideaway.

From an aerial view, the camera zooms in on various points so that you have an idea of where things were in relation to each other and how expansive a semi-military complex it was.

When the videographer stops at a point of interest, a picture of that site from the NS era is superimposed on the video, showing the viewer a glimpse of the past.

The tour begins in 1925 in the Bavarian village of Obersalzberg. Strolling through the lush green overgrowth, you’ll see the foundations of cabins and then a youthful, and happy, Adolf Hitler sitting on the porch of a cabin when it still existed.

From there, you’ll learn what the countryside was like around the Berghof, including the path on which Hitler walked his dog, the gatehouses that…

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