Eric Hunt Analyzes the New Holocaust “Denial” Movie

The new Hollywood film “Denial” starring Rachel Weisz as Deborah Lipstadt is due to be released. Part 1 presents a brief introduction to Holocaust Revisionism, shows the trailer for the film “Denial” which will be analyzed closer in later parts, and includes an analysis of the casting and pre-production casting changes to the movie “Denial.” […]

From: American National Socialist

Part 2: “Denial” The Deborah Lipstadt Movie – Part 2

2 thoughts on “Eric Hunt Analyzes the New Holocaust “Denial” Movie

  1. revisionistst huh, who are they and what is their goal. Ooo exegerations after such horrible historicaLand BTW proven facts of behaviour of the cruelty during this period Awfulll isn’t it How come its only the jews made out to be the source of some conspiracy because of it.
    What hidden agenda musr lay behind that. It is close to 80 years in the past and sooner looking for how something like that came to pass its seemingly more important to focus on the victims and their off-spring.
    I am a tru conservatist and not to keen on self deserving individuals for whatever reason but this here strikes me as specifically suspicious. Isn’t there anything more up to date to waste energy on so that the living today might benefit or maybe not get into a situation like the victims of nazi prosecution, or is that a hopax as well?


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