Two Birds One Stone – Greater Israel and the Jewish desire for European Destruction

The ‘balkanisation’ of the Middle East serves the Jew and the Jew alone, in aiding the creation of Greater Israel – the Oded Yinon Plan – which is a synthesised working action of  Theodore Herzl’s vision for Israel to be greater than it’s current size and in turn become a superstate to rival any empire that has gone before.

“the area of the Jewish state stretches: “From the Brook of Egypt to the Euphrates”

-Theodore Herzl



The endless cycle of Jewish Neoconservative wars waged using their Zionist puppet states such as the USA, UK and other infiltrated European Powers, who by taking part in these treacherous acts have only aided their own part self inflicted annihilation as once homogeneous, ancient and truly diverse great ethnocentric countries by offering their support to multi faceted wars on behalf of the Jew. They are cancerous and destructive to the indigenous people of Europe and also to the people of the Middle East though a far lesser extent.


By emptying out the Middle East, by destroying Libya and opening up a corridor directly to Europe from Africa allowing hordes of sub-Saharan seemingly desperate single men to descend on all of Europe along with the hordes of Moslems migrating from the Middle East – the Jews two obsessive objectives of 1) The creation of Greater Israel and 2) The Total Annihilation of the White people of Europe – the wiping out its greatest enemy, we the indigenous White European people. A people who have continually over the centuries evicted the eternal parasite for it’s swindling and degenerate subversion of any society it is allowed to settle into. 109 times in total they have been removed in their entirety as a people.

People must once again get wise to the way of the Jew and take the appropriate action needed to ensure our survival as a people – we are not yet in a minority in our own lands so any coordinated fight back would be successful – people must learn to be ruthless and abandon all idea of empathy for those descending on Europe – the Muslims and the Africans, who are here at the invitation of the Jew.

Source: Smash Cultural Marxism

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