Obituary for the Greatest Briton

"Neues Europa"


By Mike Walsh


Winston Churchill was far from being as popular as palace historians make him out to be. The half-American dilettante’s image is repeatedly laundered by mainstream media. The brainwashing worked well: in a list of 100 Great Britains, the notorious warmonger was voted No. 1.

This is not so much a triumph for Churchill as it is for Naked Propaganda. The most erudite historians will spin their findings a little. However, the most sycophantic admirer of Churchill cannot deny irrefutable facts. Winston Churchill, a known drug abuser, was far from being British in a genetic sense.

A legendary paedophile the dilettante frequented gangster organised gay orgies at which every conceivable ~ and inconceivable ~ debauchery, with adults and children, took place. Britain’s greatest Briton was a regular visitor to Marrakesh; ostensibly so that he may paint pictures in solitude. Yet, during the war in which…

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