Vladimir Putin(Jew) is the keyplayer in the Jewish NWO. Putin’s “New” Russia is Communist and pro-Israel.

News For The Blind

All Russian media now is controlled by the government—just like in Soviet times. The Kremlin runs a multi-hundred million dollar propaganda machine—can it be sanctioned?  Russia Today alone is a $400 million operation. In March, the Kremlin put Chinese government-like restrictions on the Internet, and cracked down on the few remaining independent news outlets and bloggers left in Russia. The Guardian revealed that the Kremlin has a paid network of bloggers and commenters, “some are paid as much as 600,000 roubles ($16,700) for leaving hundreds of comments on negative stories about Putin.”

The the idea that Putin´s Russia is a “white paradise” is just a wishful thinking and in fact just an illusion. Putin never managed to create a “white paradise”. For example, Russia has a large problem with alcoholism, it´s the largest consumer of drugs, the leader in the number of cases of HIV, it has…

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