Disgusting Propaganda Urging Whites to Adopt Black Babies

News For The Blind


Get the vomit bag ready. Not only is this creepy as hell that the man is just hanging out in his underwear but this is clearly propagandizing Whites to be “cool” and “trendy” and adopt Black babies.

Not only is this absolutely appalling for Whites to do, it is selfish and hurts the Black children too. They will grow up with a family that looks nothing like them and will most likely grow resentful and grow up extremely confused. I have a feeling little Tyrone here will grow up to rape and murder “mommy” and “daddy”.

Editor’s Note: I would bet a good deal of money the guy in the video is jewish, although this is obviously not being targeted at jewish men. Also, I would be willing to bet that he is just an actor and not the boy’s adopted father.

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