The Community of the NSDAP

"Neues Europa"

Adolf Hitler - Portait-11

Today more than ever it is a difficult duty to care for the party and its future. It is the primary demand of our present time that the subdivisions of the party be closely united. We have to understand that despite our different functions, we are all National Socialists and party comrades. The members of the political organizations, the SA and the SS, the Labor Front, the Hitler Youth, the Women’s Association, the Unions of Farmers and Workers, they all are but fighters in various detachments of the party.

They all have to support the new German confederation that will provide guidance for political life in the German nation. The harder this unbreakable community is, the easier it will be to control all those giant organizations that are necessary for the political, social and economic ascent of our nation. As soldiers and officers of a spiritual Weltanschauliche community our…

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