“It is senseless to encourage man in the idea that he is a king of creation, as the scientist of the past century has tried to make him believe.” – Adolf Hitler

More and more serious environmentalists are understanding that a considerable fraction of people, probably a majority, simply do not care about the environment and are incapable of being educated to care about the environment. Therefore solving environmental problems requires action by the state. Those who arrive at this view are popularly known as “ecofascists”.

National Socialists possess a keen environmental awareness on account of our recognition that what has been called “civilization” throughout history is in fact engorgement: constant increase both in population and in consumption per person, whose only possible consequence is ever-increasing strain on the entire planet and untold environmental misery. This in turn has been one of the most obvious hints that humanity as a whole has been going down the wrong path for a very long time – not decades, not centuries, but at least…

Continuing reading: American National Socialist

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