The SS

"Neues Europa"

SS Sig Emblem

Each of us should remind himself daily that the power of his body, soul and mind belong to the Führer, to the Movement and thus to the Nation. May each of us endure the good days as bravely as the bad days.

HEINRICH HIMMLER, Reichsführer of the SS

In 1923 the „Stoßtrupp Hitler“ was founded and on the 9th of November 1923 it was banned along with the entire National Socialist Movement. When in 1925 the NSDAP was founded again, the sheltering organization of the Movement, the SA, remained prohibited in the entire Reich. The Führer commanded that a small mobile fighting and protecting organization be formed in order to safeguard the meetings of the party and the Schutzstaffel was formed. In most cases the units consisted of one leader and 10 men only. In those days even Berlin had but one SS unit, numbering two leaders and 20…

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