The Tank Killers: 61 German Tank Aces

"Neues Europa"

Siegreicher Panzer

Source: https://www. warhistoryonline. com/military-vehicle-news/the-tank-killers-61-german-tank-aces. html

The following list contains the German Panzer aces of World War II. The list is sorted by the number of enemy tanks destroyed. It must be noted that every tank commander was responsible not only of the destruction of tanks, but also of a similar number of antitank guns (for example Wittmann is credited with 138 tanks and 132 antitank guns) and of a corresponding amount of military equipment, lighter vehicles and field works. Countless enemy soldiers were also victims of the onboard machine guns of a tank.

  1. Kurt Knispel –168 Kills (sPzAbt. 503)
  2. Otto Carius – 150+ Kills (sPzAbt. 502)–Tiger I–Knight’s Cross 5/4/44, Oak Leaves 7/27/44.
  3. Johannes (Hans) Bolter— 139 Kills (possibly 144) (sPzAbt. 502) Tigers– Knight’s Cross 4/16/44, Oak Leaves 9/10/44.
  4. Michael Wittman – 138 Kills (sS. S. PzAbt. 101 Liebstandarte)–Tiger I–Knight’s Cross 1/14/44, Oak Leaves 1/14/44 with Swords, 6/25/44.
  5. Hans…

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