Gerd Schultze-Rhonhof on The War That Had Many Fathers

"Neues Europa"

Major-General Gerd Schultze-Rhonhof (ret.) tallks about his groundbreaking revisionist history of the run-up to the Second World War, “The War That Had Many Fathers” (Der Krieg der viele Väter hatte).

This fascinating lecture has racked up more than 200,000 views in various uploads on YouTube, but despite the existence of an excellent Portuguese translation, until now there has been no English version available for the rest of us. Break the spell of more than seven decades of “Allied” propaganda and try seeing the run-up to 1 September 1939 as the Germans did. The results might surprise you. Essential viewing.…

Note 1: According to Duff Cooper’s own account of the event, as published in his 1953 volume of memoirs “Old Men Forget,” his wife did not read the Sixteen Points, but rather heard them on the radio when they were broadcast by the BBC, belatedly, on 31 August 1939:

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2 thoughts on “Gerd Schultze-Rhonhof on The War That Had Many Fathers

  1. Roosevelt admitted on camera with a graphic that USA was going to initially keep out of WW2 so they could manufacture and provide arms to the non-aggressor nations on “Lend Lease”. Roosevelt financed and supplied arms to “Uncle Joe” so the USSR could destroy the European economy, especially the wildly successful Germany under the National Socialist German Workers Party led by Adolf Hitler, as it was a threat to the USA that had yet to recover from the Great Depression. Another reason for building up Stalin was to create a “Red Menace” to keep the USA arms industry busy after WW2. The whole adventure was planned in great detail by the USA before WW2 had even entered the realms of possibility. Europe having been brought to it’s knees by the end of WW2, USA stepped in with an aid package (Thanks to George Catlett Marshall) to make Europe dependent. The Marshall plan later morphed into the current OECD! I wouldn’t be surprised if it was Marshall who thought up “Lend Lease”, in which case the USA took with one hand and gave with the other while getting rich! what’s new! There is an interesting video on the PBY (Catalina) aircraft. When the Japanese fleet stood off the Hawaiian Islands while their aircraft and mini subs attacked Pearl Harbor none of the over 60 3000 mile range 15 hour endurance torpedo and bomb carrying PBYs were in the air. They were all destroyed or damaged beyond repair on the ground. Nice little contract for Consolidated Aircraft Company to replace them! In the battle for Midway Island it was cats that spotted the Japanese fleet and their carriers. Cats sunk numerous Japanese ships at night trying to resupply the Japanese base in the Solomons. PBYs could carry torpedoes or bombs, so the 60+ PBYs in Pearl Harbor could not only have spotted the Japanese fleet but probably sunk it at night??? The current death and destruction in Syria is made in the USA and their elections are a complete joke? Gerd Schultze-Rolhof’s talk on Youtube was amazing, I tweet it all the time. Churchill, who fancied himself as some kind of Roman Emperor, was Roosevelts stooge who declared war on Germany so he could become the war hero of his dreams. Hitler on the other hand was a regular soldier who fought in the trenches of WW1 and knew how awful war really was and that it should be avoided if possible! David Ben-Gurion who bragged he was in a gang of young lads in Poland who used to see off Poles, not surprising it’s seems like Israel is still run by gang leaders …
    By the way who penned the name NAZI party for the National Socialist German Workers party? It struck it could have been a derogatory name invented by the Jewish media?

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