The Responsibilities of the National-Socialist Women’s Association – German Women’s Work

"Neues Europa"

Gertrud Scholtz-Klink-Portrait Photo

We want to educate women who, with their natural mode of living, their intelligence, and their real truthfulness raise strong new generations.


The NSF-DF is the National Socialist organization for women and it is responsible for female education in all political Weltanschaulichem, spiritual-cultural, housekeeping and social issues a woman is concerned with. The political mission is carried out by the National Socialist Women’s Association, which is the association of female leaders. The National Socialist Women’s Association is a subdivision of the NSDAP. Due to the party’s division of territories the National Socialist Women’s Association in all its responsibilities and special organizational tasks, works closely together with the Hoheitstrager in the respective territory. Therefore, the female leader of the Women’s Association is on the staff of the Hoheitstrager. The highest administrative department is the Reichs Women’s Leadership.

The departments in all Districts, circles and district groups are structured…

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