“Reich and Wrong” – Book Review

"Neues Europa"

Michael Walsh Publishers
Torrevieja Alicante and Wrexham UK
01978 780434 / 0034 662 067 490

Michael Walsh

The Third Reich was in conflict for five years; the Reich lasted 13.5 years so what happened to the missing 7.4 years of peace? During those years the Reich created an economy, infrastructure, prosperity and lifestyle no Western country then or now could hope to match. Why is this period taboo?

REICH AND WRONG in one volume gives an insight into the rarely glimpsed 1930s world of Hitler’s Reich. Using images and content can compare exuberant life in National Socialist Germany with the wretched existence of those who endured life in 1930s United States, England and USSR.

Mike Walsh has produced a ground-breaking book that opens up a world unknown to all but a few. REICH AND WRONG reveals and compares the impoverished world of the democracies and protégé Soviet Union with the…

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