Adolf Hitler – speech at the Reichstag – Berlin, May 21, 1935

"Neues Europa"

Berlin, May 21, 1935

Adolf Hitler Portrait-15

Attention! Attention! Here is the German radio, the German station transmits from the building of the Reichstag in Berlin the 8th session of the Reichstag. We now move on to the meeting room in the Reichstag.


Gentlemen! The session is open!

I welcome today for the first time the representatives in our midst of the Saarland which returned to Germany the first of March.

My honorable deputies! I beseech you to rise from your seats, and remember with me a great man who has been called to his maker a few days ago.

The German people, and with it especially the German Reichstag as an authoritative representative of the German people, stands in deep sympathy at the grave of the Grand Marshal of the now friendly Polish nation.

I was able to declare in its name the compassion of the German Reichstag…

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