Jews: Sexually Perverted ~ and Remaking Society in Their Image

The Ugly Truth


ED Noor: After reading the following, please see: Radical Homosexual Movement Run by Jews .  Basically this piece explores deviancy, as dealt with in the Talmud. Of course the “bragging” regarding inclusion from the Times of  Israel has left yours truly with a roiling tummy; this material is just that deranged. The rabbinical portion is informational, not that it makes the topic any easier to digest. I am also going to ad that recently Israel partnered with an American PR firm to infiltrate and work with, among others, trans youth considered to be a fragile and impressionable segment of society. Apparently these young are beginning to openly relate to the suffering and isolation of the Palestinians and this does bother Israel…..

Another recommended read: The ‘Queering of Leviticus,’ or How a Rabbi Permits Gay Sex

So here we have two Israeli men who are officially a child’s biological fathers, a…

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