Adolf Hitler – speech in the Lustgarten, Berlin, May 1, 1936

"Neues Europa"

Berlin, May 1, 1936

Der Fuhrer spricht-4

We ourselves have been able to deal with our internal difficulties without detriment to any other people. Solve your own problems, and do not attempt to involve others in what are your own quarrels. In Germany we do not need- and I can say this today to you above all, my Volksgenossen:

I do not need to perform some glorious deed which will bring death to millions in order to obtain esteem and respect from my Volk. I have that anyway! I am not standing on shaky ground; I do not need to lead millions of our people to the sacrificial altar so that millions of others might perhaps believe in me! In these three years we have done nothing that could possibly have caused suffering to another people; we have taken not a single step that might harm anyone. We have not reached out…

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