Cultural Marxism at the Apex of World Domination

by Maxwell Kaeser


This is cultural Marxism at its best, in its purest forms, when the Bayreuth festival, the highest embodiment of the Teutonic tradition of blood purity and heroism, the reincarnation of the ancient Germanic spirit through the vision of the great Richard Wagner into our times, all becomes nothing but a Marxist fest of degeneracy and artistic depravity.

The Marxist-Masonic cabal who control Europe would seem to be extremely confident that their plan to create a ‘New World Order’ is progressing very nicely.

The annual Wagner season at Bayreuth in Bavaria has just opened with a new production of The Ring. Some of the wealthiest and most influential figures in German business attend this annual event, along with leading financiers, politicians and members of the ancient royal families of Germany and Austria. It is a pilgrimage in the old Teutonic tradition, where the pagan rulers of the Fatherland display their wealth and pedigree, rub shoulders with one another, and worship at the altar of Wotan.

While Wotan may be the father figure in the The Ring cycle, Siegfried is the man of the future, the man of destiny, the great hero whom all have come to study and admire. This contradictory figure, both simple and complex, is the archetypal warrior-in-training for the highest position of all – that of world ruler. He is the Wagnerian prototype of the perfect man who will one day reign supreme over all mankind.

It took Wagner 25 years to finally embody in operatic form the ideal he perceived in Siegfried, the legendary hero of Norse and Germanic mythology. Like Nietzsche, who shared the same ideal of the Superman, Wagner believed he did not yet exist but that he would one day emerge and transform the world. “Siegfried is the man of the future,” according to Wagner, “whom we long for but cannot ourselves bring into being, but who must create himself by means of our destruction.” (Nietzsche, Wagner and the Philosophy of Pessimism, Roger Hollinrake, 1982)


Forget about all of that, this is 21st century Ring of the Nibelung

Source: Western Hetz

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