A Happy 4/20 – For the Führer

Judenfrei Safe Space


On the blessed day of 20th April, 1889, Adolf Hitler was born to Alois Hitler and Klara Hitler.

The young Adolf had dreams of becoming an artist. Little did he know, he was destined for so much more. By the hand of God, he had been placed on a path of greatness and would forevermore tread that path.

Hitler was humble and down-to-earth. His education was mostly self-taught, and he earned his daily bread through his paintings. Hitler loved to read and sometimes would even sacrifice his daily earnings just to buy a book to read.

He was very observant – when he first became aware of anti-Semitism he was confused and believed that it was discrimination on the basis of religion, however he decided to do his research. Through his research he discovered the ugly truth about the Jews, how they controlled the media, press and literature. And like…

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