Another “Holocaust Survivor” Caught Lying


Plaques at Auschwitz

by Ian Mosley

This is actually starting to happen with some regularity now: Elderly Jews and others who want to get in on the Holocaust racket are inventing truly ridiculous stories and are being caught in their lies.

Ironically, attempts to document the Holocaust by getting survivor testimony before they die may be backfiring. A considerable number of Jews have actually given accurate accounts of daily life in Auschwitz or Dachau or Treblinka, which bear no resemblance to the mythical claims of exterminations. Are all those Jews anti-Semitic or guilty of Historical Revisionism and defaming the dead? Their stories sound very similar to the stories of Japanese, who were locked up in the US in concentration camps like Manzanar by the FDR regime.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt began the first wholesale imprisonment of enemy aliens by race during World War Two. Hitler began locking up Jews by race in retaliation only…

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