Those Damned Nazi Groups!

by White Warrior

It is very sad but pseudo National-Socialist movements inspired by Hollywood Nazism are spreading through the world. Hollywood Nazism is the broad collective term for various phenomena that have appeared in many nationalist movements around the world since the late 1950’s, and which are characterized by strongly influence of the image of “Nazism”, as portrayed by Hollywood, which is far from the actual ideology of National-Socialism.

Fiction has influenced real life and Hollywood propaganda has fed real life”Nazi” groups. One of such groups are “National Action” in the UK. I want that every real National-Socialist knows that the Führer is turning in his grave when he sees such idiotism in his name. IF YOU ARE A REAL NATIONAL-SOCIALIST YOU MUST UNDERSTAND AND HELP FIGHT SUCH PSEUDO “PATRIOTIC” ORGANIZATIONS, WHICH ARE SERVING THE INTERESTS OF THE JEWS!

More info about Pseudo National-Socialism here:

✡Nazism✡ vs. 卐National-Socialism卐:✡nazism✡-vs-卐national-socialism卐-3/

We Are National-Socialists, not ‘Nazis’:

Hollywood Nazism:

National-Socialism, not Nazism or neo-Nazism:


The ridiculous propaganda of National Action:



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