Why is There Nostalgia for Soviet Times?

by White Warrior


A new generation of Bolsheviks

Many National-Socialist can’t understand why there are so many people who feel nostalgia for the Soviet times and why the ideas of Marxism are still spreading and movements of Neo-Bolsheviks slowly grow. Right now, I will try to give answer to this question;

Since October 1917, the Jewish-Bolshevik revolution in until 1953 and the de-Stalinization, Jewish-Bolsheviks and their non-Jewish servants realized the Red Holocaust was known amongst people. Millions of gentiles were killed in the most brutal measures in order to create a Global Jewish Empire in name USSR, but Adolf Hitler stopped that horrible screenplay, which would be mean fast and physical destruction of all civilized World. Despite the fact that in the end Jewish-Bolsheviks in alliance with Jewish internationalist capitalists manage to occupy Germany in 1945, the Bolsheviks had a huge damage, almost the whole country of USSR and occupied Eastern Europe were only ruins and for that reason they were no longer able to carry out that what they called a “worldwide revolution”.

For that reason, Jew Commies had to make an ideological reorganization in order to be the best servants of interest of the Jewish nation in new World conditions. Stalin was a no longer needed servant who was so horrible that he even fell out of Jewish control. He was poisoned by the Jew Lavrentiy Beria and de-Stalinization took place. The reforms consisted of changing or removing key institutions that helped Stalin to hold his power: the cult of personality that surrounded him, the Stalinist political system, and the Gulag labor camp system. The main reason of de-Stalinization was to make better conditions to Soviet citizens in order to make them much more productive so they could became better servants of the Jewish-Marxist interests. The cold war was a war between two Jewish gangs; Marxists and Zionists.

After de-Stalinization, Jews-Marxist position were that non-Jewish slaves must be healthy and with some morality, because according them, it should help to be ”well workers” in same time Jewish-Zionist position were that all non-Jews must become brainless idiots with mixed blood and with only one goal; get much as possible money and privileges. In the end of 1989, it became clear that Jewish-Marxists and Jewish-Zionists dropped all differences and understood that “Democracy”, Zionism and Liberal Capitalism are the most productive ideologies to rob non-Jewish people. New spheres of influence were shared and Eastern Communist countries and the Soviet Union were destroyed from inside. Former Commies remain rulers of present Russian federation with new ideology (But some Sovietism aspects weren’t destroyed like celebration of May 9th ”Victory” and more).

So why does nostalgia exist for the Soviet times? The fact that after de-Stalinization, healthy slavery in Soviet states (despite many heavy difficulties) became much better than a rotting life under the blue yellow “European” Union with a dictatorship of Jews and corrupted Goyims and this main reason why there are people who feel nostalgia to Soviet times. They imagine that slavery under Soviets was the best possible life and for that reason they show support for neo-Bolsheviks and are brainwashed with their red propaganda. Unfortunately, this supporters of Bolshevism don’t understand that USSR and all Bolshevik states always were prisons in one form or in other and the only one path into real freedom and prosperity is National-Socialism! They even play role of “useful idiots” by hiding Jewish influence into the Soviet Union and by denial of crimes against humanity… National-Socialism is uncompromised, it always fought against all forms of slavery and lies and no matter which form evil, National-Socialism must defeat them all for once and for all!


True freedom and prosperity!

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