The Extermination of the White Race: The Real Facts about Britain and Non-White Immigration

News For The Blind

Around a third of a million nonwhites “immigrated” to Britain during the 13/14 year while some 323,000 white people left the country at the same time, a spin-free analysis of the latest immigration figures by that nation’s Office for National Statistics (ONS) has shown. 

When the ONS figures were released, the controlled media focused on what it—and the conservatives—call “net migration”—which is the figure produced when total emigration is deducted from total immigration.

This allowed the controlled media to use deceptive headlines such as “net immigration to Britain rises to 209,000,” etc., in a move obviously designed to reduce the shock impact of the racial displacement of white people from the British Isles.

For example, the Telegraph, one of the most staunchly conservative-supporting newspapers in Britain, announced that “Mass immigration into Britain in 2013 added a city’s population the size of Portsmouth—209,000 people—in net migration terms.”

The reality, as evidenced by…

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