Adolf Hitler becomes Chancellor of Germany: Article by Heinrich Hoffman in “The Fascist,” March 1933

heinrich Hoffman, June 1937

Heinrich Hoffman at the Berghof, June 1937

This article, written by Heinrich Hoffman, Hitler’s photographer, appeared in ‘The Fascist’, in March 1933. ‘The Fascist’ was the monthly newspaper of the Imperial Fascist League, which was led by Arnold Leese.

ADOLF Hitler, the leader of the National-Socialist Movement was appointed Chancellor of Germany on the 30th January,1933.

After 14 years of great struggle, Hitler at last has gained the leading position in the Cabinet and thus is now within reach of absolute power in Germany.

It must be emphasised that the new Cabinet is not a pure National-Socialist one. The only National-Socialists in the new Cabinet are Dr. Frick who is Minister of the Interior and Captain Göring who is Minister without Portfolio, Commissioner for Aviation, and Acting Commissioner for the Prussian Ministry of the Interior. The other positions are occupied by “Nationalists.”

What will the Chancellorship of Hitler mean to Germany?

Chiefly it is the triumph of truth over lies and calumniaton. Hitler is a man of great will-power and marvellous perseverance. He has built up the great National-Socialist Movement, which can be considered the concentrated German will, with the greatest love for his country and rare selflessness, purest ideals and the firm belief in the absolute necessity and right of his cause.

It was 14 years ago when this German National-Socialist party was founded with a nucleus of 7 men. Hitler gave it the programme which has remained unaltered to this day, and will now be realized by its creator.

Hitler and his combatants’ way to success was one of oppression, imprisonment and suppression. Under Hitler’s strong government, Marxism, the theory of terror and corruption, will be shattered and the hopes of Bolshevism to hoist the red flag in a Soviet Germany may be buried for ever.

This victory of the National-Socialist Movement is greater than most people in Europe and America can realise at the present moment. The name of Hitler will be associated forever with the rebirth of the Nordic ideal.

Let those people be told, who still believe and perhaps even hope secretly that Hitler will soon be forced to retire as those before him have done, that the millions of his followers will always defend him, are ready to stake their lives for him.

The National-Socialist Movement of Germany desires real and close friendship with the British Nation which is racially so closely related to its own nation.

H. Hoffman,
German National-Socialist

Source: Britannia

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