The National-Socialist Motor Transport Corps (NSKK)

"Neues Europa"

Adolf Huehnlein

The NSKK member is primarily a political soldier of Adolf Hitler. The idea – the Weltanschauung – guides him in all his actions and he applies it to all tasks in the Corps which is meant to be the major educating institution in the field of motorization.


In the structure of the NSDAP the mobile unit, the National Socialist Motor Transport Corps, stands besides the SA and SS. In the motorized assault troops approximately half a million NSKK members are trained to be political soldiers of the Führer. Through comprehensive training in the field of motoring, they become pioneers for the motorization of the Greater German Reich. Motorized field training performed by the NSKK puts the instructing and educating work of the Corps to the test, as it demands everything from both man and machine. It takes the whole man to compete. Courage, endurance, quick decisions…

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