German Treatment Of American POWs : WWII

Remember The 14 Words

just came across a magazine called “Foundation,” which is a semiannual published by the Naval Aviation Museum Foundation Inc. based in Pensacola, Florida. I got a copy of the Fall 2015 issue in a free magazine drop at the local library.
The magazine is full of war pilot stories — from all the wars since Whites invented airplanes — glorifying the exploits of U.S. aviators killing foreign people in their own foreign countries fighting for their own survival.
Also found in the magazine, devoted to the ignorant glorification of worldwide killing for the benefit of only jewry, are a variety of articles on naval ships, outstanding servicemen, and a surprise.
The surprise, for me, was an article on a doctor and his longitudinal medical study on Prisoners Of War, especially pilots. The interesting part of it was a list of POWs and their deaths for several wars since and including…

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