6 thoughts on “Garde und Kavalleristen Tag in Düsseldorf in Farbe (1937)

  1. Interesting video, Anton. Here is a link which you may not be aware about.

    Whether a naturalization is to be considered undesirable shall be adjudicated in accordance with racial-national [voelkisch-national] principles. In the foreground are the racial, civic and cultural viewpoints regarding an increase of the German population compatible with the interests of Reich and folk by naturali-
    nation. Not only are facts preceding the date of naturalization to be taken into consideration, but especially also circumstances appearing subsequent to the date of naturalization.

    Accordingly the repeal of naturalization is especially to be contemplated in the case of :
    (a) Eastern Jews, unless they have fought on the German side at the front in the World War, or have rendered extremely meritorious services to the German interests:
    (b) Persons who are guilty of a grave offense or a crime, or otherwise have acted in a way detrimental to the welfare of the state and the people.”



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  2. Yes, I knew that link was to an adverse type site, but the information is good.

    What is planned next (at least sometime in the foreseeable future) for deniers of the holocaust as well as other denials of jewish PC requirements, is not just a stake, Anton, it’s decapitation, or other severe punishment. The jews are truly serious about instituting this “Noahide-Noachide” deal and not just for the US, and not just for the religious. This is what is planned for the citizens of the JWO, while jewry rules supreme. There are already institutions set up and being spread which are intended to spread that doctrine, and enforce it. Do a search for the terms above plus the terms B’nei Noach, Sevn Laws of Noah and Sanhedrin. There are many of these practitioners, and planners, already spread around the globe and they are organizing before bringing this forward to be publically seen, so that people will not be able to resist it. Atheists, agnostics, and other religions will be expected to comply.

    “Noahides Killed by Decapitation

    In this passage, we see that heathens (or “sons of Noah”) must be killed by decapitation.

    GEMARA. … Our Rabbis taught: [Any man that curseth his God, shall bear his sin. (3) It would have been sufficient to say], ‘A man, etc.:’ What is taught by the expression any man? (4) The inclusion of heathens, to whom blasphemy is prohibited just as to Israelites, and they are executed by decapitation; for every death penalty decreed for the sons of Noah is only by decapitation.(5)”.



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