Ward Price – interview with Adolf Hitler – March 9, 1936

"Neues Europa"

Adolf Hitler with George Ward Price

March 9, 1936

First question: Does the Fuhrer’s offer of a non-aggression pact to every Eastern neighbour of Germany also apply to Austria? Does be consider Czechoslovakia as a state neighbouring Germany in the East, too?

Answer: My proposal for the conclusion of non-aggression pacts both to the East and West of Germany was of a general nature, i.e. there were no exclusions.

Hence, this applies to both Czechoslovakia and Austria.

Second question: Does the Fuhrer intend to return Germany to the League of Nations so that his proposals might be placed before that body for consideration, with Germany a full member of the League’s Council? Or would he prefer to call for an international conference to deal with the matter?

Answer: In the stead of Germany, I declared it willing to immediately join the League of Nations. I do so in the expectation that, in due time, both…

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