Die Frau meiner Träume (1944)

"Neues Europa"

(The Woman of My Dreams)

Directed by: Georg Jacoby
Produced by: UFA, Herstellungsgruppe Georg Jacoby
Written by: Johann von Vaszary,
Georg Jacoby
Music by: Franz Grothe
Cinematography: Konstantin Tschet
Edited by: Erich Kobler
Release dates: 1944
Running time: 99 minutes
Country: German Reich
Language: German


Marika Rökk: Revue Star Julia Köster
Wolfgang Lukschy: Chief engineer Peter Groll
Walter Müller: Engineer Erwin Forster
Georg Alexander: Impresario
Grethe Weiser: Bridesmaid Luise
Inge Drexel: Pauper Resi
Valentin Froman: Julia’s dance partner
Willy Schulte-Vogelheim: Julia’s dance partner
Egon Vogel: Reporter
Erna Krüger: Usher in Revue Theatre
Karin Lüsebrink: Cashier of the Revue Theatre
Lotte Spira: Canteen landlady
Vera Witt: Julia’s dresser Mariechen
Erwin Fichtner: Lodge guest with monocle
Julius Brandt: Traveled in sleeping compartment
Karl Etlinger: Headwaiter in the station restaurant
Karl Hannemann: Porters at the station
Victor Janson: Local guest
Fritz Lafontaine: Theater stage manager
Gustav Püttjer: Blaster at Groll

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