Radio Interview: An Examination of Hitler’s concept of Lebensraum, the Hossbach Memo and the Aggressive War allegations

Justice for Germans

Adolf Hitler - Behind my backOn Monday, July 29th, 2013 I was Deanna Spingola‘s guest on her radio show on Republic Broadcasting Network (RBN) during which I discussed Hitler’s concept of “Lebensraum” as put forth in his autobiography “Mein Kampf” which many believe was a blueprint for “aggressive war” but was not. I spoke about the problems with the “Hossbach Memorandum” that was entered as evidence concerning the allegations of plans for “aggressive war” (by Hitler and the NSDAP government) at the Nuremberg Trials (IMT), and how “Lebensraum” was also a major them in the course of those trials.  I read from the testimony of one of the accused, Dr. Walther Emanuel Funk who discussed his own understanding of the concept of “Lebensraum” at Nuremberg.   Additionally, I provided some background information on “Mein Kampf” and the various translations and touched on what is called “das Zweites Buch” (the Second Book) or “Volume II” and…

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