Adolf Hitler – speech in Schwerin at the funeral of Wilhelm Gustloff

"Neues Europa"

February 12, 1936

Adolf Hitler spricht an die Beerdigung von Kamerad Wilhelm Gustloff

My German Volksgenossen! National Socialists!

My dear deceased Party Comrade!

It is a painful path the peoples must take to find their fortunes. The milestones along the way have always been graves, graves in which their best men lie buried. Movements, too, can reach the goal of their desires-if truly worth striving for-only by way of this same painful path. Happiness cannot be had for nothing in this world. Everything must be hard-won and bitterly earned, and every fight will require sacrifices and result in victims. The fact that these victims are witnesses of the holy conviction upon which such a fight is based makes them guarantors of victory, success and fulfillment! Our own National Socialist Movement did not begin by demanding sacrifices from others. Back then we stood in the front lines of the World War as soldiers, and there did our duty for Germany…

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