Individuality: A Jewish Plot To Enslave The Mind

News For The Blind

A few weeks ago, I was having a great discussion with a good comrade about how the Jews are able to outmaneuver many of the gentiles of this world.  A key pillar of Jewish control is the issue of diversity and multiculturalism but what is often never spoken of in western society is how the Jews use the evils of selfishness and individuality (often related to one another) to encourage the youth and many others to destroy their own genetic makeup of their DNA.  Now, those who choose to mix races have told me that they have fallen in love with the other person, but I often counter their statements with a simple statement of my own: do you love them more than your own race, your own people, your own family, your own ethnicity.  Of course the morons proclaim that they do because of the Jewish poisons of glorifying…

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