Racial Pride Leads to Racial Preservation

News For The Blind

We are often told of the dangers of “pride”. It comes before the fall, don’t ya know?

Is this truly the case?

I would argue that hubris does comes before the fall, but a healthy sense of pride is what helps keep us upright and active. A sports team that has pride in its history of past achievements, and its ability to dominate other teams in the present, is going to crush a team that is constantly brow-beaten by its head coach about how much it sucks.

You can’t win. You’re worthless. Just give up. You might as well quit. Maybe you can try to join a better team once the season’s over.

Sure, that’s something of an exaggeration, but I have personally seen sports teams that lack any kind of pride, mainly because of coaches who didn’t really care about winning. This mentality is then picked up by the members of the team, who are…

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