Multiculturalism and Gender Bending: Weapons of Mass Destruction

News For The Blind

In the UK there seems to be an idea that being born here, or simply having a British passport, actually makes someone British. Nothing could be further from the truth. I get fed up when in a discussion about immigrants in the UK someone says “well they have British passports!” As if that gives them some god-given right to live here and claim our benefits without contributing anything in return.

Being British, or for that matter any nationality, does not depend on a piece of paper, a passport or even place of birth. It’s depends solely on ancestry. Ancestry cannot be taken away, whereas a document or passport can. I’m tired of non-whites on the media telling us they are British. Accident of birth does not make them British!

It seems that in Eastern Europe it’s a totally different story. Even in the Jew controlled former Soviet Union a person’s…

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