8 thoughts on “Erich Alfred „Bubi“ Hartmann – Luftwaffe, Messerschmitt Bf 109 Ace, 352 Kills

    • Yes I know. Say, I have seen that you have George H Tavakoli in your circles, that guy can still talk nonsense about National-Socialism. For example that Hitler was a Zionist puppet, and that Merkel is the daughter of the Führer, etc.. And he is also pro race mixing, to see his messages on his G+. Go check his profile, what a hilarious guy.

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      • He is, but I don’t agree with much of his BS. I only take away his Rothschild research and stuff worth having. He is really an uptight Wanker. I have no respect for anyone who faults the NSDAP. I mean, they must have shit for brains. I called out a guy last name Mudd for just that tonight. Coward didn’t even respond. lol
        Busted a Jew Troll last nigh named Cherokee Two Chiefs I believe. You really need to block him. Tel Aviv employee big time. Also a guy named Crum. Any others I’ll let you know.

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  1. Hey you. Guy wasn’t named Mudd. lol Mild. But it’s Mud now. I straight called him out for his hate on Hitler, told him he had no biz amongst the 4th Reich unless he was an informer, a spy. He blocked me. Didn’t even defend himself. Complete twunt. So I tagged the owner and told him there’s a rat in the midst. If I don’t hear what I want in a couple of hours I’ll send the owner an ultimatum – troll goes or I go. I hate to be so demanding, but no Nazi Party affiliates should ever put up with any disrespect for Herr Hitler. Especially calling him a Jew? A Rothschild? Merkel’s grand pappy? Nah man! I’m a woman, and those are fighting words even to me. This fuq’n punk!

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