Mass “Refugee” Migration Is A Sham


No one in Syria had to flee the war, and they all have come to Europe just to seek money and take up jobs supposedly offered to them by Angela Merkel, an “asylum seeker”Syrian in Germany has admitted to the Huffington Post.

The confession is contained in an article prepared by a well-known Iranian-born writer living in Germany, Ramin Peymani, and published in that newspaper’s German edition.


The article, titled Der Syrer—eine Flüchtlingsgeschichte (“The Syrians—a Refugee Story,” Dec. 2, 2015), starts off by Peymani explaining that he met up with the Syrian “refugee” by chance in the checkout line at a local grocery store in Germany.

Being an Iranian, Peymani could speak fluently with the “refugee,” who freely admitted that he, and all the others claiming to be refugees, were not fleeing war … but had merely come in search of…

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3 thoughts on “Mass “Refugee” Migration Is A Sham

  1. Not surprising. It’s been the goal of the delusional elititist ginormous nosed crooks all Al ol no to spread 3rd world diseases to developed countries all along, even if it means spreading contagions to the very people who’ve saved their own diseased arses for centuries.
    I only wish Iran and Iraq, Syria and preferably Russia would nuke Israhell to the bottom of the sea before they do it to the US and the UK and blame it on Iran and have every fool who’ always believed them go along for the ride and let the trash live it out as heroes. At least Putins won’t buy that BS. ✋⚡⚡

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