Roosevelt’s Lend-Lease Act: The Arm and Hammer / Hammer and Sickle Connection

Justice for Germans

(RT)  “By mid July 1941 the majority of tanks which comprised the 20 thousand Soviet tank fleet were lost. The Wehrmacht troops were advancing impetuously and kept approaching the Russian capital. Each tank at the Soviet army at the front was treated as treasury. And that’s when the lend-lease supplies proved very timely. The first English Matilda and Valentine tanks arrived in the USSR in September 1941, and a month later they were already tested in action during the battles near Moscow.

 In the third installment of The True Story of the Lend-Lease documentary series Paul Tadich continues to discover the unknown facts about the cooperation between the Soviet Union and the Allies during the World War II.”

20 Minute RT video report on Lend-Lease


stalin mass murderMr. President,

I have not yet received the text of your message, but on November 2 Mr. Steinhardt, the…

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180px-Logo_des_NKWDEmblem of the NKVD (НКВД)

The People’s Commissariat for Internal Affairs abbreviated NKVD was the public and secret police organization of the Soviet Union that directly executed the rule of power of the Soviets, including political repression, during the era of Stalin.

The NKVD contained the regular, public police force of the USSR (including traffic police, firefighting, border guards and archives) but is better known for the activities of the Gulag and the Main Directorate for State Security (GUGB), which eventually became the Committee for State Security (KGB). It conducted mass extrajudicial executions, ran the Gulag system of forced labor camps, suppressed underground resistance, conducted mass deportations of entire nationalities and Kulaks to unpopulated regions of the country, guarded state borders, conducted espionage and political assassinations abroad, was responsible for influencing foreign governments, and enforced Stalinist policy within communist movements in other countries.

Jews in NKVD

Kaganovitch and many senior OGPU officers (later, NKVD) were Jewish. The predominance of Jews among Bolshevik leaders, and the frightful crimes and cruelty inflicted by Stalin’s Cheka on Ukraine, the Baltic states and Poland, led the victims of Red Terror to blame the Jewish people for both communism and their suffering.


Under the revolutionary regimes of Lenin and the early Stalin the former majority population of Eastern Slavs (Russians, Ukrainians, White Russians) in their own country were dispossessed and put under the jurisdiction of the prerevolutionary minority peoples (Jews, Georgians, Latvians, Poles, and Armenians). The October Revolution differed substantially from earlier Western revolutions as, for example, when Frenchmen were pitted against Frenchmen in the French Revolution or when Englishmen fought against fellow Englishmen in the American Revolution for the purpose of improving conditions for the less fortunate. In Russia in 1917, international misfits provided much of the leadership for that revolution as part of a world conspiracy to bring down all other governments that did not accept the dictatorial teaching of Karl Marx and his disciples.

—Sergei Semanov, 2012, The Russian Club: Why the Jews Will Not Win.[1]


  1. NKVD: Excerpt from Sergei Semanov, The Russian Club. The Occidental Observer. Retrieved on 14 October 2013.

Source: Metapedia

Angela Merkel is not Germany – The €uro is an instrument to enslave all of Europe!

Justice for Germans

union_europeaThe following is a partial re-post of an outstanding article containing very essential information for all Europeans regarding the EU.   I am sharing it here because it demonstrates why it is so important for the Europeans to know and understand the truth and realities of World War II, about which they have been duped. Through this massive deception, they have also been duped into supporting the EU treaty, through which Germany today continues to be enslaved, used and abused, and to be unjustly demonized with regard to EU affairs. The German people are NOT to blame for what the FRG/BRD government nor the the EU does. The Germans themselves, after nearly 70 years, still have no real say, but rather, only the plutocrats and sock puppets in the occupational government. It is all based upon a huge pack of lies. Hitler, himself, warned of all of this. I have included…

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