Jesus was an Aryan


Yahweh, the God of the Jews, arises in his law book (Bible, Old Testament) as a god who his Israelites to genocide (1Samuel 15: 3) to fratricide (Exodus 32: 27-28), to cannibalism (Leviticus 26 : 29), to robbery and theft (Exodus 3:22), to slavery (Leviticus 25: 44-46), to discrimination against women, to contempt of children (Leviticus 27: 2-8), to money and greed (Exodus 25: 3, 33: 5) and to animal cruelty (Exodus 29:36) holding. Yahweh is a jealous God (Exodus 20: 5), who not only hates all people, but even his own Jews (Exodus 33:20). He threatens his Jew with extinction if they turn to the Gods of the Aryans (Deuteronomy 6:15).

Such a ruler can not be the God of eternal goodness of creation. That’s why Jesus Christ called him also Satan (Satan שָּׂטָן means adversary in Hebrew), the opposite of good. And the followers of Yahweh referred Jesus to as “the children of the devil” (John 8.43).

Yahweh and the Pharisees know that the Aryan Gods are far superior to their Yahweh cult, which is why Yahweh can keep his only with extermination threats at the bar. Yahweh’s laws of Judaism give clear information as to that there is indeed the Gods of the Aryans (Genesis 3:22, Deuteronomy 6:14, 32:12).It is in these passages do not explicitly “the Aryan Gods” mentioned by name, but solely from the fear of the glaring for her appearances of the Hakenkreuz/Swastika can be concluded that Yahweh hate the Aryan Gods applies. Therefore, he threatens his Jews again, yes “to not serve strange Gods”.

The Gods of the Aryans create the good, the beautiful and the spiritual eternal. They maintain their own creation – humans and animals alike. Yahweh feeding on the blood of cruel butchered animals and threatens all Jews to extermination, if they want to find out who he really is. (Genesis 2: 16-17).

Jesus was no ordinary man. He was the divine power and love that manifested a certain divine intent on this globe. His arrival was marked by the fulfillment of the divine plan to the end of this world. It appears from the nature of his birth and especially their background.

Jesus Christ, who lived in India and the most sacred symbol of the Aryan Gods, the Hakenkreuz/Swastika, returned to Palestine, was obviously an emissary of the Aryan Gods. He fell Yahweh certainly physically almost a victim, but survived Golgotha and spent the rest of his life back in India under the Hakenkreuz/Swastika. And his spirit not only survived those times, but became more powerful despite unspeakable forgeries of his work and his true origin from century to century. The spiritual world is the home of the Aryan Gods.

Despite the horrible hatred, Jesus Christ is placed by the leadership of Jews, despite an infiltrated churches organization whose leaders put kippahs on and try to reinterpret Jesus as a son of Yahweh, remained Jesus Christ two millennia of living than in the days of his struggle against Yahweh’s armies.

That the Unholy chair by “the children of the devil” hijacked, recognizes anyone who studies the Old Testament and the Gospels and compared. In National-Socialist Germany, therefore, a major research institute was set up with the power of science to rid the Gospels from the chains of the Old Testament.

In Eisenach in the Borngasse 11, the Gospels were explored by the “Institute for the study and elimination of Jewish influence on German church life” until 1945. The Institute was under the same roof with the traditional Evangelical Lutheran theologian Seminary and the governing body of the “German Christians”.

The Institute, by the people of the Church at the time “Institute for the Study and Elimination of Jewish Influence on German Church Life” (Entjudungsinstitut) called, funded by eleven Protestant churches. It was founded on April 4, 1939 at Wartburg, where Luther once translated the Bible.

The Institute is inextricably linked with the name of his “scientific leader” of the Jena New Testament scholar Walter Grundmann (1906-1976) connected, who saw a “mercy miracle of God” in Adolf Hitler. The Jewish question, he wrote in 1932 in his book “God and the nation” (Gott und die Nation), was at the bottom not only a race question, but a religious question. As a newly appointed professor for “Völkische Theology and New Testament”, Grundmann had 1936 abolished the Hebrew lessons for its students, in Eisenach Bornstrasse he proceeded to the Old Testament, to separate the book of Yahweh, from the Gospels and remove from the life of his church. The Institute was an all references and Hebrew words as Amen, Hosanna and Hallelujah, truncated New Testament under the title “The message of God” and a catechism “German with God” out. Jesus, the central point, had been Aryans: “Jesus of Nazareth in Galilee proves in his message and keeping a mind that is opposed to Judaism in all things. The fight between him and the Jews was so adamant that it leads to his death on the cross. So Jesus could not have been a Jew.” (Welt, 8.11.2007, p 30).

In 1934 had Walter Grundmann Jesus from Galilee defined as a “miracle creation”. Also we by the National Journal explains again and again for years, that Jesus was apparently Gallic therefore Aryan origin. Galilee was the settlement area of Gallic tribes who were settled there in the service of Rome. [1] “The Galilean, according to the thesis of the NSDAP member, were an Aryan tribe in the Jewish territory, the mosaic faith had been forced on them.”Christ is not shoot and perfecter of Judaism, but mortal enemy and overcomer” (Welt, 8.11.2007, p 30).

Similarly, in 1938 the Solingen Superintendent Alfred Thieme had expressed in his Good Friday sermon: “Whoever these people (the Jews) not hate, hates Christ and his cross!” (Welt, 8.11.2007, p 30).

Grundmann’s Institute had about 200 employees – in Eisenach and in the Landeskirchen (is the church of a region). There was even a working group for Catholic issues. From him was explored, among other things, that the post-Tridentine Catholicism  was a “victim of the poisonous influence of Judaism”.

By war’s end, the scientific work of the Institute was through terror of the winning vassal to an end. Not so much for the “scientific leader” of the “Entjudungsinstituts”. Although Professor Grundmann lost his professorship at the new rulers, but he could obtain 1950, preacher place in Thuringia Waltershausen. From 1957 to 1975, Grundmann was then the catechists seminar in Eisenach and worked as a teacher and principal, he also held teaching positions at the Theological Seminary at Naumburg and at the Lutheran Theological Seminary in Leipzig. In the Protestant publishing house he published in the sixties, among other comments on the Gospels. Although he did not advocate racial theories in public anymore, but rather, in the judgment of the Jena theologians Wolfgang Schenk modified forms of his scientific findings about the Jews. “Many Thuringian catechists, priests, pastors and other church workers had Walter Grundmann met at that time as a teacher with his enormous memory and pedagogical skills could inspire quite” commented “Faith and Homeland”, Protestant weekly for Thuringia, for 100th birthday of the famous theologians in the year of 2006.

[1] “The Roman Empire is a multicultural melting pot where a Jewish carpenter’s son with settlers from Greece and legionaries from Gaul could be faced even in remote Galilee.” (, Lob des Imperiums, 28.12.2005).

Source and translated from: National Journal

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