Authors of the World’s Disasters

Weekly newspaper Das Reich, Berlin, 21. January 1945 By Dr. Goebbels This war would be impossible to comprehend, if one did not constantly remind oneself that behind all the perverse activities of our unified enemies, trying to deceive the world and lead mankind into the dark, is international Jewry as the driving force. They are […]

The Year 2000

by Dr. Joseph Goebbels The three enemy war leaders, American sources report, have agreed at the Yalta Conference to Roosevelt’s proposal for an occupation program that will destroy and exterminate the German people up until the year 2000. One must grant the somewhat grandiose nature of the proposal. It reminds one of the skyscrapers in […]

The Chekist (1992)

I lived upon this earth in such an age when man was so debased he sought to murder for pleasure, not just to comply with orders, his faith in falsehoods drove him to corruption, his life was ruled by raving self-deceptions. — Miklós Radnóti Fragment The Chekist (Russian: Чекист) is a 1992 Russian/French drama film […]